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Visa Refusal

Visa refusals usually occur due to a lack of supporting evidence, a failure to meet the mandatory criteria or a poorly prepared application.

Examples of visas with a high refusal rate are: 

Partner Visas
Business Skills Visas
RSMS Visas

A visa refusal does not have to mean the end of your journey. However, the steps which follow are critical and can determine what happens next. Strict time periods apply for appeals and the evidence which needs to be prepared to support it needs to be of the highest quality. Martin Udall & Associates specialises in visa refusal cases and has an outstanding track record in the appeals process. Unlike other firms or agents, we are a qualified, experienced Australian lawyers and immigration specialists who are experts in Migration Law and 100% dedicated to our clients.

If your visa has been refused or you have been notified by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that your visa is about to be refused, contact us without delay. Strict time limits apply to reply to or appeal the decision.