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Strategic Visa Planning

At Martin Udall & Associates we offer innovative products and services for our clients including Strategic visa planning. The purpose of this service is to facilitate our clients through the visa selection and application process in a streamlined and efficient way.

Strategic visa planning allows our clients to familiarise themselves with the visa application requirements and process. It takes a strategic position to ensure that the visa you apply for today will suit your requirements in the future.

Through this process Martin Udall & Associates will ensure you, your spouse or business is visa application ready. 

Strategic visa planning includes an initial obligation free meeting with one of our expert staff to identify to discuss your circumstances. We will want to know information about:

You your family and dependents;
Your skills or qualifications;
Your current situation and location;
Your visa requirements;
Your business ambitions; and
Your hopes, goals and dreams.


Once we understand these key elements, we will then prepare a written strategic plan including timeframes, action items and outcomes. This report will be provided to you for your reference.

Everybody’s circumstances and goals are different – please contact us to find the immigration solution right for you.