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COVID 19 Visa Help

Temporary Visa Help - $55 inc GST
30 minute consultation
All immigration law questions – no exceptions

Please call 0435814004 without delay  

Dear temporary visa holder. Many of you are facing stressful times. The COVID-19 situation has put people like you on visitor, student, 482 and other temporary visas in a difficult position.  

Some of you have: 

- lost your job
- can’t get home
- have a visa about to run out or 
- are in Australia with no visa. 

The Australian government has been slow to assist and has made it clear that is does not wish to support temporary visa holders. 

In response to this crisis, Martin Udall & Associates is please of offer special low cost consultation service to any temporary visa holders who have been COVID-19 affected. 

What we offer

30 minute consultations for $55.00 including GST. This represents a saving of 75% of the normal consultation fee. 

17 years of experience from an Australian qualified immigration lawyer. 

All immigration questions answered – no exceptions. 

All consultations are by telephone. Please call 0435814004. 

We are at your service.  

Martin Udall 
Immmigration Lawyer and Registerd Migration Agent 
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