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Skills Assessments

A skills assessment is an evaluation of a person’s qualifications, work experience and skills to determine whether they are at a level comparable to the Australian standard for a particular profession. Skills assessments are a critical component of a number of Permanent Visa types. For example, the subclass 189 Skilled Independent and subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visas. In some instances, skills assessments are also required for the subclass 187 RSMS visa and temporary visas such as the subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa.

For many applicants or potential applicants, receiving a positive skills assessment can be the most difficult part of the application process. This is not surprising because the requirements are steadily becoming more stringent and the required evidentiary requirements very demanding. Some examples of professions and skills assessing bodies which are particularly demanding include:

Tradespersons – Such as Electricians, Panel Beaters Plumbers and Tilers. In particular, satisfying the three year work experience component and training requirements.

Doctors – Very stringent work experience component plus identifying the correct assessment stream.

Engineers – Particularly those from ‘non accredited countries’ which are not signatories to the Dublin, Sydney or Washington Accords in terms of demonstrating their knowledge through ‘engineering scenarios’.

Occupations not mentioned above include architects, nurses, teachers IT professionals and many others.

A properly and carefully prepared skills assessment is of upmost importance to have any chance of being assessed ‘positive’. Martin Udall & Associates is the only law firm in Australia specialising in the professional, accurate and thorough preparation and compilation of skills assessments. In fact, skills assessments are one of our practice areas.

If you need help or advice regarding a skills assessment please contact us today. For your convenience, we offer preparation of skills assessments as a stand-alone service. In other words, we can prepare the skills assessment allowing you to lodge the visa independently if you so wish.

Martin Udall & Associates has a long history of excellence in skills assessments across all industries.