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Innovative Immigration Services

Press Release: Exciting and innovative Immigration services being delivered to Migrants in Western Australia

Martin Udall & Associates is continuing to embrace the electronic world, and provide 21st century legal services in line with technology developments.

Martin Udall & Associates is a modern Australian Immigration Law firm located in Perth, Western Australia which is dedicated to delivering 21st century legal products and services. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Martin Udall’s dream is to “expand our client’s possibilities” by providing innovative and strategic online services to migrants in Australia and abroad.

Martin Udall & Associates has been operating for a period of 10 months under a mix of traditional, brick and mortar office we are heavily investing a large portion of time developing our online platform and strategy. This approach has enabled Martin Udall & Associates to assist well in excess of 100 clients since commencement.

We are continuing to have positive legal outcomes on behalf of our clients and are yet to lose a legal case or merits review application. This is a testament to the success of the firm’s commitment to thinking outside the box and finding and solution for everyone.

In the age of digital marketing and sales, the development of a social media profile has been critical to the firm’s success. However as we have progress, we have identified that there is further scope to use an online platform to meet the growing demand for professional online services in Australia.

One limiting factor for migrants is being geographically located outside of Australia or metropolitan centres and as a result the ability to access migration and legal services is diminished.

A failure to access services enhances the likelihood that visa holders will not comply with their visa conditions and as a result incur a cost to the Australian taxpayer.

Martin Udall & Associates are committed to delivering the highest level migration and legal services to remote, regional and international communities.

“There is a gap in the traditional legal market with how legal services are delivered and as such I am confident that by expanding our online business model away from a traditional office, this will enable us to deliver new and innovative products to clients at a reduced cost. I regularly see clients who are limited by geographical and financial constraints and are therefore unable to engage the services of an Immigration Lawyer in Australia, this is something that I am committed to improving. Everyone should have access to basic legal services, especially those from non-English speaking backgrounds.”
(Martin Udall 2015).

Martin Udall & Associates are currently considering a range of new initiatives that will deliver professional legal services to remote and regional communities including:

  • free regional information sessions;

  • remote client assistance through webinars (reaching more clients online and creating networks of support) for regionally located clients; and

  • building robust relationships with rural service providers and community councils to support the delivery of community services.

We are aiming to engage with local councils, non-profit organisations and community groups to better understand how we can deliver services to these areas.

Martin Udall & Associates are an innovative, dynamic firm located in the heart of the CBD in Perth, Western Australia. Specialising in immigration law, we offer boutique, professional and experienced services. Martin Udall & Associates is a dedicated immigration law firm with a forward looking and thinking culture; embracing technology and growth. Martin Udall & Associates is committed to understanding the needs of our clients and meeting their expectations in the 21st century. This enables us to offer and specialise in a number of stand-alone services which, for decades, have traditionally been ‘bundled together.’ The result – cost and time savings for our clients.

Contact Information:

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(Principal and Chief Executive Officer)

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